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Albir & Sara

Albir & Sara


Albir Rojas

Dancer, Choreographer, Actor and Teacher.

Albir began to dance Hip-Hop in Panama at the age of 15. He improved his dance technique year by year, attending ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, tap dancing, funk and new style classes. He acted and danced in musicals including Grease, The King and I, Fame, West Side Story, The Fantastics, among others. He also appeared in television series and programmes in Panama and Spain, and in the film “The Tailor of Panama”.

He went to Madrid to study different dance styles, including Kizomba, Tarraxinha and Semba, where he taught a variety of dances. Besides Kizomba and African rhythms, Albir also teaches Cuban salsa, in-line salsa, Dominican bachata, Madrid bachata, hip-hop, poppin and ballroom dance.

He has lived in Madrid since 2001. Albir has held workshops, master classes and spectacles in countries including: Australia, France, Portugal, England, the USA, Canada, Poland, Norway, Mexico, Latvia, the Canary Islands (Spain), Switzerland, among others.

Albir Rojas loves what he does and wishes to share everything he feels for dance with others.

Sara Panero

Sara Panero is a Spanish dancer born in Salamanca (Spain) in 1993. Formed from 7 years in various disciplines of dance such as ballet, contemporary dance, modern dance, hiphop. With 16 years she begins with the Latin dances, Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.

At just had 18, and having finished his secondary education in his hometown, Sara goes to the entrance examination to the Conservatory of Dance Fortea (Madrid), to specialize in classical ballet. Passed this exam she moves to Madrid.

Sara attends three years at the conservatory of dance while she works and still studies Latin rhythms. She begins with his first dance partner Ronald Jara with who competes representing Madrid in Africadançar (Lisbon) in 2012. Months after she enters at “Bachatea Dance Company” starting well as a group to compete in competitions at national level of bachata.

In September 2012 Sara forms with Marco Espejo the dancing couple that in this year wins already 2 national bachata competitions and they create their own professional company of bachata called ‘Esencia’. In 2013 Marco and Sara proclaim them 4 times national champions of Bachata couple and the following year (2014) national Runners-up with their professional company ‘Esencia’.

In May 2014 Sara competes for the first time as a soloist in salsa footwork.

The dancing couple Marco and Sara dissolved them and at mid-2014 Sara is called for an audition in which finally is chosen to be part of the professional company of Prince of Salsa Johnnny Vazquez called “Imperio Azteca”, so she moved to Milan (Italy) for 6 months.

In March 2015 Sara returns to Spain and continues her solo choreographies and redurns to cooperate with her ex bachata group “Esencia”.

In May 2015 Sara is presented as the new dance partner of Albir Rojas, to dedicate with him to the world of Kizomba, like she began with her first couple.


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