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Francesca Bardaro

Francesca Bardaro


Francesca Bardaro is an International Crossmedia Artist, Filmmaker working around the globe in Afrolatin Dance Festivals & Events and Artistic Project involving body movement and contemporary dance.
Francesca was born in Formia, Italy. She received her Bachelor Degree in Arts and Techniques of Digital Entertainment from La Sapienza University in Rome. She had the opportunity to research on the use of Digital Scenographies, New Media and Video projections in Performing Arts at Aarhus University and Statens TeaterSkole in Copenaghen with Mark Coniglio of Troika Ranch Dance Company.
After she completed her Bachelor, she moved to The Netherlands where she received a Master’s Degree in MFA Scenography from Frank Mohr International Masters in Groningen. Since 2009 Francesca has focused on conceptualise, video producing and directing her own performances merging different kinds of artistic expressions such as video, dance and music.
Since 2016 she has been filming at Afrolatin Festivals as such as Marburg Kizomba Festival, Exalta Afro International Festival in Brasil, Valentine Dance Festival in Berlin, Bembé Afrolatin Festival in Morocco, Fujairah Latin Festival in Uae, Norway Kizomba festival, I love Sensual in Berlin, Blankenberge Salsa Beach Festival in Belgium…etc.
Francesca is interested in the potential of movement and physicality and her artistic mission through the medium of video is to catch the beauty, poetry and emotion of dance.



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Nationality: Italian


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