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Dancers and teachers of African rhythms, share the African culture, travelling around Portugal and throughout the world, displaying their great experience in different rhythms like Kizomba, Semba, Kuduro, Afro-House, Tarraxinha, Kizomba and Semba techniques, Funaná, and Traditional Dances. They also give Workshops, perform show dances and group animation.

They dance together as a couple since 2004, representing and introducing a bit of the African roots to the world, beginning with the music, and going through history and culture, until a dance finale. Their work stands out for their professionalism, experience, and novelty, reflected on their teaching skills, their knowledge of the African history and culture, and the evolution of music and dance. Expressing themselves in several languages, they offer their trainees/audiences a clear and true insight into what dance really is and how it evolved until today.

Born of a German father and a Portuguese mother, Lisa Dunke has Portuguese nationality and dances since she was six; she started ballet at that age (assessment by Royal Ballet School, London) and at twelve began a course on Latin-American dances, beginning to perform in a dance company; at that moment she began her life as a dancer, acquiring the necessary background – performing all over the country, appearing on TV, attending and giving workshops – to see this particular art in a somewhat professional way.

She travelled to Angola several times with the purpose of strengthening her knowledge of African rhythms. Born of Angolan parents and himself an Angolan national, Mandela Nelson dances since his first years, learning the art in his own country, the best school one can have, and emigrating to Portugal at seventeen. Then he started working solo and gaining recognition in several Portuguese cities, while giving consistence and experience to his work.

Lisa and Mandela met in 2004, as stated before, and began then working as a couple. With recognised pedagogic skills, hard work and knowledge, they have been evolving and gaining notoriety, showing wherever they go how much they love what they do.


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Phone: Tel: 00351-918341811 - Lisa / 00351-961769997 - Mandela

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Nationality: Portugal


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