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Dance For it ! the Kizomba Movie

Dance For it ! the Kizomba Movie

Let’s do together the first film about Kizomba and people

We are inviting you to join the adventure of making the first documentary film ever which tells human stories about top Kizomba artists.

“DANCE FOR IT” follows 3 kizomba couples – Albir and Carola, Ricardo and Paula, Paulo and Lanna. It’s a personal story about their real life, love, challenges, fighting for the dreams.

You can watch the official trailer here –

We want to do this film together with all Kizomba community, so we started a crowdfunding campaign –

These are human stories which will resonate a lot with all of us. Let’s do together a film which will inspire, touch, bring joy and hope.

Everybody who donates will be included in the film credits. Also, there are many amazing rewards which you can choose for your donation.

Let’s do this film together! Donate, share with friends, become a part of it!

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4 June 2018 Video

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