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Egypt Sensation

Egypt Sensation

Ladies and Gents. This years Sensual Weekend is happening This October on the 15th till the 18th. Sponsored by MsStudio.

As we always Aim to bring you only the best Artists.
This year we are having more Artists. Six to be Exact, 2 great Artists of Kizomba, 2 great Artists of Bachata, And 2 of the best international Djs

-Mafalda Amado & Alphonse Delette
-Ewa Trela & George Daniels
-DJ Lisa Rose & DJ Dani Fernandes

3 Types of Passes are Available A, B, and C:
A-Vip pass = Includes everything “2 days Workshops + 2 Parties” “8hours of workshops plus 2 parties”
B-One Day pass = Includes one day pass for workshops Only. “4 hours of workshops”
C-Party Pass = Includes passes for 2 parties.

Passes will be More expensive the closer we reach the set date. So buy your passes now and have the cheapest price.
And for people Coming from Abroad, They have only pass that includes Everything: A “Special Pass” “SP”

Price for Passes:

1. Ramadan offer till 7th of July
A. 700 Egp “Ramadan offer”
B. 450 Egp “Ramadan offer”
C. 300 Egp
SP. 35 Euros “Ramadan offer”

2. 7th of July till 7th of August
A. 900 Egp
B. 450 Egp
C. 400 Egp
SP. 65 Euros

3. 7th of August till 7th of September
A. 1000 Egp
B. 550 Egp
C. 450 Egp
SP. 75 Euros

4. 7th of September till 7th of October
A. 1100 Egp
B. 600 Egp
C. 500 Egp
SP. 85 Euros

No Passes will be Sold after the Date 7th of October, Workshops or Parties.

***Stay tuned for the Schedule.

Book your passes Now and Enjoy our special Early bird.
Thank you for your time and support. MsStudio

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Event Details

Date: 15 October 2015
Location: Egypt

Festivals Promocode KIZOMBAWORLD

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