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Stockholm Semba Weekend III

Stockholm Semba Weekend III

Stockholm Semba Weekend III

🚨🔥 BREAKING NEWS: the 3rd Edition of the STOCKHOLM SEMBA WEEKEND welcomes, as main instructor, the international and exceptionally gifted Angolan artists BONIFACIO AURIO & MAYSA PINA. With MAU & MADELEINE, they will deliver to you 12 hours of a CERTIFIED BOOTCAMP of PRACTICAL & PURE SEMBA to make you a better teacher or simply an awesome dancer.

🚨🔥 2 AWESOME ANGOLAN DJs – DJ Russelius & DJ Pausado – will deliver you 3 NIGHTS of the WARM and JOYFUL FEELING of the Kizomba & Semba scene as in Angola and Portugal.

🚨🔥 10 CONFIRMED taxidancers for YOUR delight.


░░▒▓███ YOUR INSTRUCTORS – See bio further down
✨ BONIFACIO & MAYSA (Angola/Portugal) – 10h intermediate to advance
✨ MAU & MADELEINE (CIV/Sweden) – 2h fundamentals revision

✨ DJ RUSSELIUS (Angola/Poland)
✨ DJ PAUSADO (Angola/Portugal)

NB: Boot camp limited to only 25 leaders and 25 followers.
👉 The bootcamp passes are limited for quality purpose. On top of that, due to the high level of the training you need to have been dancing Kizomba and/or Semba regularly for a year.
👉Participants of the bootcamp will receive a CERTIFICATE of ATTENDANCE and a pen-drive with some selected Semba songs.
👉 Participants of the bootcamp will take part in practical tests in couples Friday-Sunday. Those obtaining a total score equal to or higher than 50% will get a CERTIFICATE of HONOR.

✔️ Full-Pass (bootcamp + all parties): 1600kr
✔️ Couple Full-Pass: 3000kr
✔️ All-Parties Pass: 300kr
✔️ Friday or Saturday Party: 160kr
✔️ Sunday Party only: 100kr

✔️☀️ BUY TICKET HERE ☀️ ✔️


073 735 3117 (English )
073 805 4213 (Swedish/English)

Bonifácio Aúrio also know as Mr. Tuffas, was born and raised in Huambo, a southern province of Angola. He was very passionate about music at an early age. However, it was his dance potential that got him known quickly. For many years he has been a street dancer and attending small events, until the day he decided to take the matter seriously and professionally. He took various dance courses, and immediately the raw diamond in him was noticed. It was enough to be stoned. In 2011, he decided to gauge his Kizomba and Semba skills and joined the Angolan National Kizomba Competition in Luanda, the Angolan capital. Despite being one of the most prominent competitors, Mr. Tuffas ranked fourth. Unsatisfied with this result, he took on the challenge to come back strong. And with persistence and hard work, he became the winner of not only the 2012 Angolan National Kizomba & Semba Competition but also of AfricanDancar 2012, the world leading Kizomba & Semba Championship, whose final was organized in Lisbon, Portugal.

Today, Bonifacio is one of the main ambassadors the Angolan way of dancing Kizomba & Semba. The number of festivals countries where he has been teaching worldwide is immense; USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, France, Holland, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, to name a few. He spreads joy and happiness everywhere he goes with his great personality and great heart. Mind you, he is also an excellent teacher and dancer of Afro-House and Kuduro. On top of that you know what? He has a song hit on the market and one coming soon. Don’t be told, come experience the man himself. You can following him on his Youtube channel

Born in Angola from Angolan parents, Maysa Pina moved to Lisbon at a young age. She started to dance very early in her life and was mostly interested in contemporary rhythms, such as Hip-Hop and Afro-House. She then went on to embrace an important part of the culture by learning and dancing Kizomba & Semba. For this last 3 years, she has been teaching regularly alongside Bonifacio, in Portugal for the most part. Maysa is person of character with a very positive attitude, leaving a good impression on those that have the opportunity to meet her. Come discover Maysa and receive from her the secrets of following in Semba.

❤️ MAU
Mau is a trained Kizomba & Semba instructor who has been teaching and organizing Kizomba events and courses since 2013 through AfroDance Rhythm. After attending many festivals and some masterclasses since 2011, he decided to attend a series of formal teaching courses under the guidance of the Angolan masters, Mestre Petchu & Vanessa Ginga Pura and Silvio do Semba Silvio, 2014 Angolan Kizomba & Semba champion and owner of Tukina, the leading Angolan dancing group of Semba and Kizomba. His teaching is practical and focuses on the freedom of the dancer to freely interpret and enjoy the music, be it that he/she dances Kizomba, Urban-Kiz, Tarraxinha or Semba. He initiated the 1st biggest Kizomba festival in Sweden named KiSS Festival, a festival of Kizomba, Urban-Kiz, Semba, Kuduro, and Afro-House. This takes place in Stockholm every June around the national day. AfroDance Rhythm is a non-profit cultural organization based in Stockholm.

Madeleine, first fell in love with kizomba in 2013 and has since been an active social dancer traveling all over the globe finding new influences and inspiration along the way! She has been a part of the dance organization AfroDance Rhythm since 2015 assisting Mau in both regular courses and drop-ins! She always strives to develop her dancing and loves to inspire others to do the same.

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Date: 25 January 2019
Location: Sweden
Address: Generator Hostel Stockholm Torsgatan 10, 111 23 Stockholm -

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