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DJ X-Tra

DJ X-Tra

DJ X-Tra

Published on: 30/01/2016

DJ X-tra is a young musician who comes from Cape Vert and who is currently
living in Luxembourg.
His first steps in music began with the discovery of solfège at the age of four. As
the years went by, he continued attracted to music bu
t it was only when he
paid frequent visits to his family in the Netherlands that he became fascinated
by his cousin, who was one of the best DJs of Rotterdam. Therefore, at the age
of 16 he bought his first turntables and started working as a DJ whic
h has
become his passion and job until now.

X-tra started working as a DJ based on different styles such as HIPHOP, R&B,
Dancehall and House. He made early parts of renowned artists such as :
Daddy Yankee , Booba, Mims …

Since 2012, he started
feeling increasingly attracted to Kizomba and therefore
became one of the most requested artist on the Luxembourgish Kizomba stage.
For a year now, he has also performed at several congresses and parties
abroad, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Ger
many and Paris …
He is also one of the organizers of the well

known international Kizomba
Festival in Luxembourg.
It is therefore with great pleasure that X

tra will invite you to his world. So let
yourself go …)