• Dj Delahoy

    Dj Delahoy

    August 19, 2019  /  UNITED KINGDOM


    A humble yet fervent Dj, his love for music has always been at the root of his success over the years. His music genre spans from Old Skool 80’s & 90’s, Soulful House and Afrobeat right through the Latin quarter, his interest for Cuban salsa, reggaeton, and especially Kizomba have developed his passion for music […]

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  • DJ Susie Qu

    DJ Susie Qu

    August 19, 2019  /  SPAIN


    Born in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain , currently living in Barcelona since 2015, Susie has studied piano for a period of 5 years during her early childhood, along with other musical instruments like drum and bass during her teens. Raised in NYC, she developed a passion for the RnB and Hip Hop genre for several […]

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  • Dj Nao

    Dj Nao

    August 19, 2019  /  BELGIUM


    Nao has embarked on his musical life as a pianist at first. It’s in his native country, which is Senegal, that he discovers Kizomba. Living in Brussels since 2 years, DJ Nao began his career as a DJ and specialized himself in his passion, also named Kizomba. Although versatile and comfortable on all registers, his […]

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  • DJ Tati

    DJ Tati – Tatiana Orlova

    August 19, 2019  /  RUSSIA


    2 версия DJ Tati начала свой диджейский путь в 2014 году на регулярных вечеринках в Москве. За это время довелось поработать на таких мероприятиях в Москве как História da Kizomba, Moscow Kizomba Night, Люди Kiz, а также KizzManWeekend в Санкт-Петербурге. Играла на таких известных российских фестивалях, как Нашествие, Киззафро, Мама Африка, Moscow Salsa&Kizomba Festival. В […]

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  • DJane AngelKizz

    DJane AngelKizz

    August 19, 2019  /  GERMANY


    My name is Martina alias DJane AngelKizz. I was born in Bavaria (Germany) in 1981. For years music and dancing is my passion and it became a very important part of my life. In 2013 I started giving Kizomba classes and later on also Urban Kiz classes. Because of the special music selection in my […]

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  • Dj Mep Da Hipster

    Dj Mep Da Hipster

    August 19, 2019  /  ITALY


    Alessio Monterosso a.k.a. Dj Mep Da Hipster start his career as a Dj at the age of 15. He comes from the hip hop world, as a dancer and a Dj too, playing for hip hop battles, events and parties in Italy. At the age of 22, he discovered the Kizomba world and music and […]

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